Movitrack 15 June 2005


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- I'm looking for a man I met on 15 June 2005 in Salta/Argentina.

My friend and I from Berlin/Germany joined a trip of the company Movitrack. The name of the tour was called "Safari a las Nubes". The group consisted of elder male tourists from Argentina and a group of young people (probably) from the USA. This group consisted of one woman, the rest were men. We told one of the men that we joined a wedding in Buenos Aires.

It was definitely love at first sight with one of the US-tourists on either side. Unfortunately, I was much too shy to ask for his name or email.

I already contacted this company, but they couldn't help me or didn't want to.

I deeply repent not having searched earlier as I didn't know how to. And, of course, this story seems to be that hopelessly.

Who could give me a hint?

Thank you very much!

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