french-german evening

- A friend of mine and me met two really nice french boys at this youth hostel. We've had some interesting talks and a fun evening together, the next morning both of us left and were both heading towards Skofia Loka without knowing that the other two would be there, too. Guillaume and Arthur went there by car (fancy black cabrio), whilst Jasmin and I arrived the small town hitch-hiking.
We greeted each other again in Skofia Loka, but didn't really spent any time together. After this we had different routes and did not meet again.
I really would like to know, how the two of them are doing, how the rest of their trip went on and what they're doing right now.
Unfortunately I don't know where in France they live, what the do right now and mostly unluckily, I don't know their surnames.
So i guess, its gonna be a long quest, but maybe someone else can remember them, met them after or before us or know them for a long time and knows exactly who they are.
So, if anybody's got a hint,
please let me know!

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